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Corporate Culture

At CAO, we are committed to inclusive practices in the way we employ, develop and treat employees, underpinned by the Corporate Values of Fairness, Integrity, Innovation and Transparency, with a focused people strategy to cultivate a safe and inclusive corporate culture where employees can positively contribute to the sustained growth of the Group.

Engaging People
As the Group expands and globalises its business operations, we recognise that engaged employees are key to CAO’s competitiveness. Their motivation, talent, experience and performance are crucial to the successful development of the Group. To foster a diverse, collaborative and mutually supportive corporate environment, CAO strives to provide various activities and initiatives to engage CAO employees throughout the year.

Developing & Managing a Global Talent Pool
CAO is strongly committed to drive sustainable business growth and values the expertise and experience that come from its global workforce. In order to maintain the Group’s competitive advantage in the global communities where we operate, we constantly seek to attract, engage, and retain a competent, motivated and flexible workforce by supporting and providing education, training, career planning and advancement opportunities, enabling the Group to build the right balance of core competencies and capabilities required to achieve our strategic goals.
Diversity & Equal Opportunities
The Group believes that a fair, diversified and inclusive workplace is integral to CAO’s success and that a diverse workforce with specialised, complementary skillsets, ideas and experiences enriches the workplace and enhances business performance. With the belief in supporting the Group’s long-term business goals, we strive to develop a diverse workforce and formulate an inclusive working environment where all employees feel valued, have opportunities to advance and are driven to succeed.