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CAO is firmly committed to creating long-term value for itself, its stakeholders, the communities where it operates as well as the environment. To fulfil this aim, the Group ensures that high standards of corporate governance, compliance and internal audit as well as robust risk management are deeply entrenched within the organisation through a comprehensive business sustainability plan. It is CAO’s fundamental belief that its growth and success must be anchored on key principles of integrity, transparency and accountability and this belief is ingrained in the Group’s corporate culture. At the same time, CAO is keenly aware of where its business activities can make the most positive impact, grounded by its conviction that success at CAO is measured not just by its financial performance but also the values it creates for its workforce, business partners, the environment and the community at large. CAO strives to build a dynamic and engaged workforce that allows employees to reach their full potential and support the changing needs of its business landscape. CAO continues to build on the trust of its customers and business partners through delivering value add and adopting responsible procurement and security practices. Furthermore, CAO cares for the community and environment through minimising the damage to the environment. Together, these form the essential building blocks of CAO’s sustainability development programme.

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